...the balcony of Lefktros

Lying at the highest altitude of the inhabitable villages in Mani, Tseria consist of 6 build up areas: Tseria, Giatraeka, Zaharia, Katafigio, Pedino and Leptini. They say that Tseria was named after “tseratsia”, the carobs that were in abundance at the area.

This place also used to be the locus for the best skilled builders turning the houses of the area into real sights.

The circular disposition of the build up areas is also impressive. This way access or exit from the area was made easier in case of attack.

The people in Tseria contributed a lot to the liberation from the Turks.

Nevertheless there is one histrorical black spot: the assasination of Zaxarias Barbitsiotis at Kougeas’(his best man) tower.

Today there is the bust of the hero at the tower.

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greatway - 13 February 2020


Pantazi beach
greatway - 13 February 2020


greatway - 13 February 2020