...the ex market in Mani

It used to be the biggest build-up area of Mani with 1425 inhabitants.

Nowadays it is the house of the Bishopric and capital of the municipality.

Today there are few habitants.

The football ground is the centre of life and soon the 2000 seat arena theatre will be completed favouring Platsa and the rest of the municipality.

At the end of the carnival a show is organised at Kabinari park where the Agios Nikolaos church stand, a basilica dated from the 10th century and characterized by its cupola, cylindric arches and absolute lack of windows.

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greatway - 13 February 2020


Fonea beach
greatway - 13 February 2020


Καρδαμύλη – Η μοναδική
greatway - 13 February 2020