Discover Messinian Mani

Municipality of Lefktros is found at the middle cape of the Pelloponeese, a part of Mani kai consists of 19 municipal departments.

The capital is Kardamili with 6.000 inhabitants. The natural beauty of the area, its histroy, its tradition, the militancy and bravery of its people through the national adventures sets it next to areas that have become symbols such as Crete, Ipiros, Macedonia and others.
Ritsa, Kalamitsi, Foneas, Kaminia, Kalogria, Stoupa and Platis Ammos or Pantazi are the main beaches of the region that combine sand and crystal waters, all ideal for swimming.

There are also many spots that are difficult of approach for the lonenly visitors The impressive succesion of the scenery is a pleasant surprise for the visitor. Steeply rocks, caves and canyons harmonize with olive groves, picturesque beaches, small ports, little islands and brackisness.


The castle of Stoupa, Kazantzakis’ mines in Prastova, the towerhouses at the old part of Kardamili and its small island, the cobbled roads, the fountains on the streets, the traditional bridges and the scattered byzantine churches around the villages, all contribute to the particularity of the region.

Colours and scents of all kinds of wild flowers and herbs welcome the visitor at any time of the year.

The climate of the region is warm, mediterranean. There are green winters and a lot of sunlight that make it a touristic destination all year long.


Homer is the first that refers to Kardamili as one of the cities that Agamemnon would give to Achilles as part of dowry.

At the same place, mythology informs us, the Nereids celebrated with Piros, the son of Achilles, when he passed by on his way to marry Hermiony.

Pafsanias, going through the region, reports that he saw the statue of Asklipios and of Ino and also one of Kassandra, a fetish of Apollo, a statue of Zews and a sanctuary dedicated to Athina along with the statue of the goddess.

He also reports that at the island Pefnos (Agios Dimitrios) that is said to be the birthplace of Dioskuroi, he saw a statue of the brothers.

During the byzantine years, the region was part of the Mistra’s domain and later on the people played a leading part at the declaration of the national revolution and liberation of the country from the Turks.

In particular, on the 21st of March 1821, Mayromixalis and his soldiers after giving sacred oath to fight against the turks in Aeropoli, he reached Kardamili where he united with Kolokotronis’ troops and Mourtzinos’ veterans from Mani. They liberated Kalamata on the 23rd of March and continued the stuggle for the ressirection of the nation.

Local Products

Salted plates and sausages of unique taste and quality smoked with sage.

Olives and olive oil of supreme quality. Caper, origanum, thyme, mint, monadic tea from Taigetos and sea salt from Traxila are some of the things that are worth looking for.

There is also terrific honey, diples, lalagia, oil bread rolls, frumenty and traditional noodles.


Concerts, theatre shows, literature nights, painting exhibitions, folklore celebrations etc, are organized every year by the municipality.

Theatre information in particular is given by the theatre company “Kostas Kazakos”. The municipal cultural centre and the 2000 seated arena theatre are going to be completed soon.

Traditional fairs in this area are very common and have become genuine Greek festivities where you can enjoy wine, roasted meat and a lot of dancing!

Announcements on new events will be made...


- Trekking

Walk around the byzantine, franc and Manian castles, the cobbled streets in the traditional villages and along Taigetos’ canyons. Enjoy this “Botanic paradise” and its variety of endemic plants. Discover the byzantine churches, the stone bridges, the fountains, the water mills and the olive presses. Let the sunbeams caress you during the sunset at Tenaro, Limeni or Kardamili.

- Driving

Exploring the villages in Mani is a thrill for everyone. The beauty of this wild landscape combined with the traditional architecture of the area, the emerald bays and the local hospitality create an idyllic scenery to visit any time of the year.