...a small outport

It was named after the cave of the area which has the shape of a neck.A document dated from from the 1700s informs us that some of the soldiers (from Mani) sailed off to Corsic island after the warfare at Itilo with Liberakis Gerakaris.

Nowadays it is mostly inhabited by pensioners and homegrowns in the summer who return from overseas.

The 3floor cave Katafiggi with its magnificent adornment and the tremendous stalagmitic columns makes the village a significant spot to visit.

Gleanings that researchers have gathered prove that the cave was inhabited.

The exploration was done by Giannis and Anna Petroxilou. A lot of people visit the village on Easter Sunday when the idol of Judas is burnt at the port in a phantasmagoric way and in September during the local Agios Giannis fair.

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Ritsa beach
greatway - 13 February 2020


Στούπα – Μάνη
greatway - 13 February 2020


Ag. Nikonas
greatway - 13 February 2020