Ag. Dimitrios

...following Pafsanias’ footsteps

This small outport village is set at the south east of Agios Nikolaos, where ancient Pefnos used to be next to a rocky island.

It was in Pefnos according to the myths that Dioskuri, Kastoras and Polidefkis were born, coming out of an egg. Dioskuri were demigods, patron gods of the sailors and the brothers of Helen.

The egg came from Zews who was transformed into swan and from beautiful Lida, daughter of Glafkos, who was also transformed into a goose in order to avoid the great god.

Pafsanias tells us that the kingdom of Tindareos was in Pefnos. Tindareos was the father of Helen, queen of Sparta, and of Clytemnestra, queen of Mycanae.

It was from Agios Dimitrios that Paris and the rest of Helen’s kidnappers sailed off. 

Three and a half klm to the west towards Traxila, there is “Katafigio” (refuge), an unexploited mine, one of the biggest of the country according to experts.

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greatway - 13 February 2020


Pantazi beach
greatway - 13 February 2020


greatway - 13 February 2020